Fifty years of know-how in technology and manufacturing, focused on the most
complex and sophisticated brassware product, the thermostatic mixer. These are the essential interpretative keys to HUBER, one of the leading manufacturers in Europe and by far the Italian leader in this industry.
From the beginning back in the mid Sixties with the Thetamix milestone, through
the innovations made since 1987 the case history quickly unfolds with the design and manufacture of the first modern bathroom thermostatics with design and features suited to contemporary needs.
Quickly becoming an important industrial business, HUBER has always believed in the total control of the product and its manufacturing process, which is fully integrated into its facilities.
A strong and skilled team of engineers, researchers and designers is dedicated to the continuous development of technology and design.

Huber is located in San Maurizio d’Opaglio, in the North West of Italy (just 80 km from Milan) on the shores of beautiful Lake Orta, in the heart of the most important Italian brassware manufacture district.