Dynamism for moving faster.

Facing growing globalization, diversifying lifestyles, harder and harder challenges, what must a company look for to find its strong points? HUBER believes in watching the market, gathering signs and jumping into action with energy and determination.
By basing its dynamism on experience, professionalism and hard work discipline.

Function and aesthetics.

In “pure art”, artworks such as paintings, poems and plays are created with the sole purpose of providing aesthetic experiences. In architecture and industrial design, objects are created with the intention of satisfying not only aesthetic criteria but also primarily of meeting needs related to use and function. HUBER’s products perfectly meet the needs for aesthetics and performance, for long-term reliability and effective performance.
Just like the best creations in nature.


Water is the key element for human beings and for the planet: conserving water resources and promoting responsible water use is essential for all of us.
HUBER has always been committed to this, with the continuous development of water-efficient products which, besides controlling it, can save as much water as possible in daily use: thermostatics.
We strongly believe it is our responsibility to serve as stewards of the planet’s resources and to actively contribute to environmental protection with our water-related business. All our manufacturing processes are designed and carried out so that water is conserved and protected.
The temperature calibration and chrome plating processes are based on continuous recirculation water cycles, ensuring maximum efficiency and conservation of resources and which exceed the strict Italian and European environmental regulations and standards.
Our plating plant operates within the "AIA" highest possible level of environmental compliance framework.

Everyday ecosystems.

Products designed to appeal but made to fit into the lives of people, in their own water experience.
HUBER’s mission is to offer a wide range of well-designed, easy-to-use, functional and reliable products to all.
We work hard to offer design and value and achieve quality at affordable prices for our customers.
By focusing on the development of functions to improve everyday ecosystems for children, the elderly, the less able and meeting the high expectations of hospitality and healthcare facilities.